Mrs. Mann





Mrs. Mann, Director

A. A. S., Early Childhood Education

Northampton Community College




Growing up, the church was a big part of my life. Pastors, Sunday School teachers, older men and women shared themselves with me and instilled in me a love for God, people in general, and children specifically. This helped shape me in into the person I am today. From an early age, I wanted to work with children. I started at Christian Day Care Center soon after high school graduation. During my thirty six years at the center, I learned and did every job. Probably more than all the workshops and college classes I have attended, this hands on exposure and practice has helped me in assisting the center’s teaching staff to make the day care a safe and positive learning experience.

I love coming to our child care center each day, because the children have a love for life and are full of wonder and excitement. The highlight of each day is the time that I spend visiting each class room to observe what the children are doing and learning. In the mornings I lead singing, which allows me to work with puppets; I love to hear the children laugh.

The most rewarding part of working with children is having a friendship with them and their parents. I want each parent when they leave their child at our center and go to work to have peace of mind, knowing that their child is in good hands. I have been at the center for thirty six years, which has allowed me to see children mature to adults and bring their children to our center, and in a few cases, become staff members themselves.