Day Care

Daycare Children Learning

Children of all ages need a compassionate environment that encourages social, intellectual, emotional, physical, and moral development. Our child care has these goals for each child:

  • Assisting each child to develop to the maximum of his/her abilities.
  • Preparing each child to face the tasks of life through building his/her personal self-confidence and to encourage self-motivation.
  • Working with each child according to his/her individual physical, mental and emotional needs using a definite Christian emphasis in accordance with Biblical principles.
  • Giving personal attention to his/her interests and capacities by helping the child to understand he/she is a person of value.
  • Promoting kindness, sharing and getting along with others.
  • Encouraging obedience and respect for parents, staff and others.
  • Stimulate the natural instinct of learning and transmit a love of learning.
  • Providing an enriching environment that will encourage creativity.