Miss Esther

Preschool Teacher, Miss Esther

Miss Esther, Teacher



Miss Esther

Bachelor’s of Religious Education

Valley Forge Christian College

3 to 4 year olds



Wow, thirty years at Christian Day Care Center and counting…

I come from a large family and have enjoyed baby sitting since I was thirteen. I like reading, puzzles, walking, and watching construction shows.

I enjoy sitting and talking, and physically interacting with each child, getting to know each one personally.  I work on small groups of three to four children in order to strengthen areas where developmental skills are weak. One area I concentrate on is teaching children to communicate their needs, replacing negative behaviors with positive expression.

Field trips are lots of fun and the children enjoy them too, and when we have field trips, I am the day care bus driver, a responsibility I take very seriously. I also work in the summer camp program as a teacher and bus driver.

Since college, I have endeavored to hone my child care skills by taking many early childhood education related class hours in person and on line at Northampton Community College, and Lehigh Community College.